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kollektive Finanzierungsstrategien
Financiamento Colectivo
Crowd Funding

So far, we had not yet the chance to build in our registration form. Therefore, if you are on this page because you purchased a package of postcards and want to register as a collaborator, so that your name may appear in the thanks credits of our project, we ask you to please send us a message using our "Contact" area with your full name, nationality, a valid e-mail and confirming whether to include  your name both in the credits of the film and in the list to be published on our website or not. As the project progresses we will make several actions for the collaborators of our collective financing, raffling art works and providing exclusive access to material concerning our project.

If you are here because you heard about our collective funding activities and want to support our project by acquiring one of our products: you will find the ways of transaction in the "products" section of the page.

If you are here out of curiosity, we welcome you to our project. We are producing a movie called "residence permit", and we are p
erforming several crowd funding strategies in order to develop the project. These actions go beyond appealing to your good faith asking for a donation. We firmly believe that the remuneration of your support must go beyond the simple feeling of having contributed to the realization of our project. Therefore, as a “thank you” we are offering small but strong art works in different formats. Be aware, that if you decide to support us, you will not be buying a product. Better than that, you are engaging yourself in a desirable outcome. Through Crowdfunding strategies as a way to empower social actions, you can help to democratize finance. It is not only about money: instead, it is about a meaningful engagement that empowers the crowd to create something new, to make dreams reality. Through your support it is possible for us to bypass bureaucratic institutions and to take action. We hope you are encouraged to support the realization of our movie.


Crowd Funding