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Film Story


Sofia(13), Colombian, has planned to spend the winter holidays with her mother Nadia(31) at her home in Madrid. The day of her trip from Colombia, Sofia gets to know that her mother is not able to receive her due to work. Sofia will spend three weeks’ time with her father Leo (31). He is living in Berlin, the cold German capital, since a decade and is the custodian of the building in which he is living. Sofia only knows about Berlin, that it was for a long time divided by a wall that knocked down just the day she was born.

It is within their hands if their family continues to be a dangerous trap, or whether they make a valuable treasure out of it.

For both it is a gigantic challenge: The first days together are just misunderstandings and silence. Sofia and Leo are two worlds that apparently have no common border. Sofia shows no interest in knowing her father and refuses to open to the new world, meaning Berlin. She does not even dare to go to the internet place around the corner by herself. Leo suddenly has to open a space that until now he had only shared with his best friend, the TV, and his most stable girlfriend, pornography, to a girl he does not know at all. Sofia has her first menstruation away from what she considers "family", in the house of a man she has never spent more than two hours in her life with. Leo feels unable to take responsibility for his daughter, effectively he is barely able to take care of himself. The situation confuses and overburdens him and he seeks help from his friend Julieta.

Julieta(28) is a Brazilian who was exiled as a child with her family in East Berlin, fleeing from the military dictatorship in her country. She has always been in love with Leo. Leo does not want to have a stable relationship with her, more to fear of commitment than to lack of interest, so that they only share a friendship that goes as far as Leo`s ostracism permits.

Hannes (51) is an architect.
He is the "guardian" of Leo since he lives in Germany, but also treats him as if he was an employee, not entitled to have a private life. He lives in the same building as Leo with his wife Ursula(45), a counselor for the CDU and Marika (17), their adopted daughter, who lives in a boarding school that just expelled her for indiscipline.

Sofia talks to Julieta and starts to get to know Leo. She also shares silences with Marika, and in her company begins to be interested in the city. But neither should Marika be an example to follow, nor is her family the best example of functionality.

During this trip, Sofia will discover that life is not a fairy tale, and that not everything in life is how people, her grandparents and mother, have always told her. Leo, will begin to learn to effectively live the life of an adult. However, they will have to decide if they want to stop being "strangers in a strange land" for one another or rather become equal members of a community, with a residence permit.


Film Story