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SOFIA(13), looks and appears to be older than she actually is. She was born on 9. November 1989, the day the berlin wall fell. She is living in Colombia with her grandparents from her mother’s side. Effectively, she met her father only once when she was 7 years old. Their relationship is limited to three phone calls of a few minutes each year. That is why Sofia does not show any interest in getting to know her father now. She even refuses to open up towards this new world around her, Berlin. She feels entirely isolated.


LEO(31),lives since ten years in the same flat in Charlottenburg. He moved to Berlin, after spending three years in Italy, using a counterfeit Italian passport. He is the caretaker of the building he himself is living in. Leo is excellent in playing the accordion and supplements his low monthly income by playing folkloristic music at functions of elderly people. You can state, that the TV is his best friend and the most stable relationship he maintains is the one to internet pornography. He taught himself autodidactic five languages. Currently he learns French by watching ARTE and visiting French porn pages in the internet. The only social activity he pursues and enjoys is participating in public jam sessions in a Bar of and on. They extemporize popular Rock and pop songs from the 80s, in Balkan style, all of them originally composed or recorded in Berlin. Nadia and Leo communicate exclusively about financial terms and conditions related to Sofia. Leo’s paternity has always been restricted to send 150 Euros alimony for his daughter. He avoided any other form of paternal responsibility excusing himself with his exclusion by Nadia’s father that he was facing from the beginning and who ostracized him.  In addition he does not pass up a chance to run him down. Therefore Leo has no chance to negotiate but feels obliged to consent to Nadia’s plan. Albeit, he is not enthusiastic about Sofia coming for three weeks to stay with him. Leo feels overburdened by taking the responsibility for his daughter and insecure by the idea of sharing his flat with someone he does not know.


JULIETA(28), is Brazilian and fled with her family to East Berlin when she was a child, seeking refuge from the military dictatorship in their country.  An abnormality on her right hand adds a kind of perversity to her mestiza’s beauty. Albeit working as tourist guide at the Sachsenhausen memorial her true passion is singing. She knows Leo since several years through the jam sessions both are participating in. She has always been in love with him but wasn’t up to become a sporadic fling. Leo does not want a stable relationship with her, less because of a lack of interest than to fear of obligations. Therefore Leo’s relations are exactly lasting as long as his ostracism permits.


HANNES(51), is architect, living with his wife Ursula and his adopted daughter Marika in the top floor of the building. With their construction business they accumulated a little fortune. Hannes treats Leo as if he would be employed to be at his command. During the construction of the Potsdamer Platz Leo worked for Hannes, later on the later offered him the job he is keeping right now.


URSULA(45), ), a counselor for urban development working for the CDU in the city council. She is a woman constantly drowning in her workload.


MARIKA(17), a handsome teenager, of Bosnian origin, dressed as punk. Hannes and Ursula adopted her 10 years ago. One week ago she was expulsed from her catholic boarding school due to indiscipline.